Most people believe that you need to be healed from your experiences to be whole. That the trauma and healing cycle can never truly end. 

What if... That didn't have to be the case? 

What if... There was another way?

What if... You could be already whole?

What if the experiences you gained through life were working FOR you, to teach you exactly what you needed for this moment. That what you truly are searching for isn't healing, but you are actually searching for YOU, and your evolutionary magic


And with that magic, what most of us do desire, more than anything, is connection, community, and support. Communion with others who can see you, where you are today. Sisterhood, brotherhood, humanhood with other humans who have their own life experiences to share, with things they've also learned along the way. 

What if... healing was actually about evolving beyond the need to be healed?

It is my deep belief that community is the way to do that. 

And so it is my great pleasure to welcome you to: 



A safe, loving community where you can be seen, heard, and held exactly where you are. A place to ask for the support you require. A place to try on new ideas, and share with others. A place of becoming everything you desire to be.





What does this look like?

The Golden Haven is currently setup as a Facebook community of like-minded individuals who are here to hold a new possibility for what the evolution of healing can look like. 

It is the intention that we are evolving the never ending Trauma to Healing cycle. We are not broken. We are humans with experiences that have led us to change our lives. Those experiences hold value for our evolution and we get to choose how we move forward with them.

It is a place to feel truly seen in any and all areas of your life.

A place for members to come together and share, support, and honor the individuality of who we are.

There will be lots of opportunity to host and experience free or paid workshops by any members inside the container.

Sharing our stories and experiences allows others to know they are not alone. There is a way forward. We truly can create the life we desire. 

I love it, how do I know if this is a place for me? 

Have you been through the spiritual communities, group therapy, coaching programs, etc and still found that there was something missing? 

Do you desire to support others in some form as part of what you are here to do on this planet? 

Do you believe in the evolution, where we bring forward NEW ways of operating, instead of the revolution of operating from past memory? 

Have you benefited and learned things from hearing someone's story of what they went through or overcome in their lives?

Do you wish to experience many perspectives and ways of doing things as the way showers experiment with new modalities, ideas, and data streams? 

Are you yourself, someone who perhaps would like to experiment with new data in a safe, supportive way, before you bring it out into the world?

Then yes, the Golden Haven is a place is for YOU. 

Welcome to the Golden Haven

This is a place unlike any other on the internet.
This space is intended to facilitate community FIRST. We would be honored to hear your story, your journey, and anything you feel like sharing.
The primary expectation of the members, is that they show up as their energy allows. Giving as much or more than you receive. Be true to your energy and your needs.
Collective agreements upon joining -
  1. Safety FIRST! The foundation of this container is Safety. This is a safe HAVEN for ALL who wish to call this space home.
  2. In this space ALL perspectives are valid. My truth is not your truth. There is no absolute truth, only perspective. There is no hierarchy of those who know more than others.
  3. People are seen / heard / held as they require. If you need to just be witnessed, please say so. If you'd like feedback, please ask for it. You are responsible for you, first.
  4. Collaboration is encouraged!! If you want to work on something with someone else, please please do! Amazing things happen when we come together!
  5. Any monetary gains through lives or workshops made through this container will have 40% shared, via honor system, with the container organizer (Amanda Quick Healing).

Welcome home, I can't wait for you to join us! 

"Through my connection with Amanda I've been able to clearly see the revolution that occurs when I create from a place of memory and wounding. I've also witnessed the magic that happens when I encompass all that I am and allow myself the space to truly evolve."

Hi, I'm Amanda Quick. 

After my spiritual awakening, I became fascinated with all things metaphysical and quantum healing. I jumped into learning everything I could to help me understand what more was out there and why we experience the hardships we do.

Today, I'm a Quantum Energy Healer and Coach. It is my mission to BE impact and change on this planet, and one of the ways I want to impact the world is by evolving the current industry of therapy and coaching into something that allows for the trauma cycles to truly cease to exist.

I have found that when people step into my world, and feel safe and held for sometimes the first time in their lives, they are given the opportunity to discover themselves in their own unique way. It's not about me healing anyone, it's about me holding the space for them to decide what version of themselves they wish to step into the world with, encouraging and loving them through every step along the way. 

I used to joke that if I could only just move everyone into my home, how much faster people would be able to shift into their magic. But since I can't exactly do that... this is the next best thing. Golden Haven is my HOME.

Welcome home, my loves. 

"Amanda has helped me move through things I thought would emotionally break me. She gives support in a sincere, compassionate way that allowed me to feel completely safe and seen as I worked through the heavy emotions, without ever feeling judged. It is more like she walked along my path with me, rather than pointing me in a direction and wishing me good luck. My experience with Amanda has completely sparked a new way of being that feels exciting, so full of life and possibilities! If you're ready to feel empowered in all that you are, I highly recommend working with Amanda as she adds to the momentum of the moves and changes you want to make in your life!"