You are SO ready to live life on your new terms. 

You know you are meant for more. You know it is time to step into YOUR own individual brilliance.

But every time you try to get ahead, you feel stuck, broken, confused... too much, and somehow still too little. 

Something has to change. 

I see you.

The truth is until you feel safe in your body, nothing can really change.

We must learn find safety from within ourselves, instead of searching outside of self.

Once we are safe, we can expand into connection, true safe connection

Only then, do we truly become our full essence, expanding into the you that you always knew was there. 

From there you will find yourself. And you will learn to trust that you are the most powerful ally you ever needed.

Allow me to walk beside you through your journey to trust in yourself!

Safety & Security

Creating a Baseline

The Physical Body

The Physical Enviornment 

Emotional Safety

Mental Safety

Financial Safety

Reconnecting to the Past Versions of You

The Catalyst Experince

"Amanda has helped me move through things I thought would emotionally break me. She gives support in a sincere, compassionate way that allowed me to feel completely safe and seen as I worked through the heavy emotions, without ever feeling judged. It is more like she walked along my path with me, rather than pointing me in a direction and wishing me good luck. My experience with Amanda has completely sparked a new way of being that feels exciting, so full of life and possibilities! If you're ready to feel empowered in all that you are, I highly recommend working with Amanda as she adds to the momentum of the moves and changes you want to make in your life!"

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I was blessed to be able to join in a Ground Zero 8 week class with Amanda. This was my very first experience working with Amanda’s healing styles. I’ll admit even though I’m open minded I was still skeptical. Not because I didn’t think she couldn’t work magic but because my entire life was filled with magical people and NO ONE was able to help me figure out this one last piece. It was a 5 year limit I placed on myself and come hell or high water I was convinced it wasn’t  going to change. I WAS WRONG! Thank God I was wrong. I could have spent another 5, 10, or more years shackled. I’m feeling different in my body. I’m allowing my body to take charge. I’m finally learning how to be ok with enjoying the different parts of my humanness. That shit isn’t easy work btw! So if you aren’t ready to work this isn’t for you. But if you are open, honest and ready. This shit will show you parts of you that you didn’t even know were there. I totally recommend you come ready for real growth!

So many people go through life believing that their current reality is all that is possible. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten who they are and what they are truly capable of. My goal is to inspire your body and soul to create a new reality, one that is based on choice and awareness.