Finally! A comprehensive, step by step guide to get all the tech setup in your intuitive coaching business. 

 Simple and easy for even the tech challenged intuitive! Easily follow everything you need to do to get up and running your virtual healing or coaching business. 

Hi! My name is Amanda and I spent 15 years in the IT industry supporting many many tech challenged individuals. As an energy healer myself I also know how daunting it can be to put yourself out there even without feeling like you're fighting with technology. I hope to help remove that barrier for everyone to get out there and shine their light into the world! 


"You know, those sales systems are amazing but, holy crap!"

"Hiring a Virtual Assistant is just not alway possible!"



"The journey is huge but the tech just bogs you down sometimes..."

Step-by-step guides for everything you need! 

--> Purchase a domain

--> Stripe and Paypal

--> Zoom video conferencing

--> Online booking software

--> Website builders

--> Course hosting platforms

--> Email automation

--> Custom email addresses

--> Software connections and automations

--> AND MORE!!!

"But I'm tech challenged!"

Time and time again I hear this from some of the most powerful and gifted healers wanting to start or expand their business into the online space. THIS is EXACTLY why I am building this course! 

The world needs your magic and you know it. Don't let technology be the reason you don't even begin.

I will GUARANTEE that you can follow my guides, or I will give you your money back! 


You ready? Let's do this! 

**Library content will be accessible beginning March 1st 2022!**

New modules will be published weekly for 12 weeks

Self-Paced Course

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✔️ Video lessons

✔️ Industry recommendations 

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Individual Guidance

✔️ Step by step how-to guides

✔️ Video lessons

✔️ Industry recommendations 

✔️ Two 1:1 roadmapping sessions

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