What are the Akashic Records?

2020 akashic records healing Dec 28, 2020

You may have seen the term Akashic Records before. Maybe you've been to a reading or healing session and the healer asked if they could access your records to gain information, but you weren't really sure what they meant. I'd like to share with you why understanding what the records are is so important as we begin our intuitive journey. 

Before we get into what the records are, I'd like to start by squashing some myths. There are beliefs in many of the spiritual communities that the records are very sacred and protected. Only chosen few will be allowed to gain access. And if you are allowed access, the information inside the records is only given out on a limited basis depending on what you are ready to hear in that moment in time. Well, if you ask me all that is hogwash. The real truth is that we are ALL living in our Akashic Records every single day. No one is preventing you from accessing the information except for you.  


"Understanding and working with clients in the Akashic records has completely changed my perspective on what is possible when it comes to trauma and emotional healing."

-Amanda Quick 


The word Akashic comes from the Sanskrit 'Akasha' meaning space or aether and is a frequency of information or a collection of life force energy. Everything you ever were on this planet or ever could be held in one space.

Essentially they are a complete collection of all of our life experiences here on planet Earth. They store our emotions, beliefs, cords and contracts to each other, oaths, vows, agreements, and everything that makes up the story lines of who we have become today. They are organized by all of the beliefs or patterns that we continue to hold onto in our reality. And they are all stored somewhere within our body making them truly accessible at any time. 

Many people see the records as a sort of library. Library's signify a collection of information and so that frequency makes sense to our human brains. I personally see a room with books on both sides of me with a railing and stairs down to the center of the library where I stand. Some see fireplaces or chairs. All of the possibilities are correct. The vibrational frequency we are in is all that really matters. 

So, how do the records help with healing? Well... so much of what we're doing today in our lives - this isn't the first time we've done that. We've likely done the same thing over and over again trying to get it right. Or we repeat things out of fear because somewhere along the way it became the safe choice. We know we're capable of changing our patterns, but even when we heal one experience we find ourselves doing it over again in the next relationship or the next job or the next big event that brings all of the same emotion right back up. 

By going into the records we can really dig in and find the why for what we are repeating in each story and what the origin of that problem actually is. Only then can we collapse it in the body and start to make some space to chose something we truly want to move forward with in our lives.


If you are ready to dig into your own patterns - I would love to support you on your journey into healing. 


Your story holds the keys to your healing. Together we will unlock your ability to take the next forward step that your soul is calling for.

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