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February 2024, TEDx WesternU


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April 2023, Towne Theatre, Vernon, BC

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Human Awareness Topics - 

Human Trafficking Awareness

Child Safety & Body Awareness


Trauma Recovery Topics - 

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Letting go of Fear

Shame and Guilt Recovery

Sharing your Story

Dealing with Backlash


Spiritual Topics -

Trusting Yourself

Finding Safety inside of Self

Stepping into Personal Power

Getting answers from Within

The Gravity of our Consciousness

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Speaker Bio

Amanda Quick is an International Bestselling Author, Public Speaker, and Trauma Advocate. 

Her #1 Bestselling Memoir "The Sex Trafficker's Wife: A Story of Truth, Faith, and Trust in Self" shares her story of discovering the truth of the man she was married to, and what it took to create safety in her and her children's lives.

She is passionate about helping people overcome and heal from the most traumatic experiences and create system-wide change that supports all people to find safety and connection, no matter their economic or racial background. 

Amanda has recently founded the non-profit, The Golden Haven Foundation, with a mission to help those fighting for custody from their abuser or their children's abuser with the resources, and mental and emotional support they require to find safety in their and their children's lives.

Amanda believes that change is always possible - and that we must stand up, share our stories, and fight for the world that we want to live in. 

Lets change the world together!

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