Coaching with Amanda

Now offering Quantum Coaching!


Thank you for taking the first step! I trust that if you're reading this YOU are ready for the Quantum Leap that is coming your way.

One of the things I've discovered as I work with clients, students, and other healers is that so many continue to look outside of self for guidance. 

They are looking for the guru, the teacher, the leader to tell them who they are and why they're here. 

They are seeking answers for all of the deep wounding and pain they've experienced. 

And not long ago this was exactly where I was. 

And so while I can and have helped with those things, it's not actually what I'm passionate about. 

You see, to me, every single person on this planet is full of MAGIC. 

But for whatever reason they seemed to have forgotten that. Or if they know it, they have no flipping clue how to access it. 

Now, this is where I start to get excited. 

Because I KNOW that with focus, and the willingness to do that hard work - ANYTHING is achievable. 

The answers we all seek are never outside of self. They are deep within our soul, buried under layers of pain and fears. 

It just takes the right support walking beside you to unlock those doorways.

While we do indeed have our own answers, we were never meant to do it all alone.

So if YOU are ready - allow me to support you - and together we WILL unleash who you are ready to become.

The time is NOW to Quantum Leap your life.


Jump into private coaching with me and I will walk besides you as we explore the healing, activations, and intuitive action that your soul is calling for.

It's time to BECOME you.

We go father together! Let's see how far we can go!


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"Amanda is a real catalyst for change in one’s life. I absolutely love this human. Her ability to make you feel safe, seen, heard, understood and completely held has no match. The quantum leaps that followed were brilliantly Magick. Whether you are looking to propel yourself forward in your life or need to be witnessed as you process your story Amanda is the coach I would recommend her to anyone and do often. If you think you want to work with her do not hesitate. You won’t regret it."

Work with me to realign to your own unique Energy Type!

The Energy Types is a Framework that I discovered while working on my own manifestation and healing potential. 

I discovered that the way that I was taught to work with my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies was not accurate for me. 

On the flip side, the way that I most successfully have worked through and healed my trauma, and manifested outcomes, doesn't always work as well for others. 

Instead, I realized we need to celebrate our uniqueness and our individual super power manifestation potential.

By doing so, we can actually map out our energy body connections, allowing us to focus our healing efforts - giving ourselves the most impact and potential for healing and growth. 

By realigning to our Energy Type, we open the gateway for our magic to shine through!

Hi, I'm Amanda Quick. 

After my spiritual awakening, I became fascinated with all things metaphysical and quantum healing. I jumped into learning everything I could to help me understand what more was out there and why we experience the hardships we do.

Today, I'm an Author, Speaker, Quantum Energy Healer and Coach, and I am delighted to be sharing what I have learned about finding safety and trust in our minds, bodies, and spirit, so that we can expand and leap into the abundant life that we were born to create.

"Amanda has helped me move through things I thought would emotionally break me. She gives support in a sincere, compassionate way that allowed me to feel completely safe and seen as I worked through the heavy emotions, without ever feeling judged. It is more like she walked along my path with me, rather than pointing me in a direction and wishing me good luck. My experience with Amanda has completely sparked a new way of being that feels exciting, so full of life and possibilities! If you're ready to feel empowered in all that you are, I highly recommend working with Amanda as she adds to the momentum of the moves and changes you want to make in your life!"
"Doing the mentorship with Amanda was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I couldn't have imagined going so fast and learning so much. Seeing her almost every week motivated me to do the work and just keep going. My abilities and intuition are growing and growing. In less than two months, we were able to clear my entire family line (and there was a lot!!!) and my galactic aspect started to kick off!"

You ready?

Schedule a complimentary 30 min call with me to learn more about how I can support you and to see if working together is aligned. 

Each container of support is designed to meet your unique goals and needs. 

One month & three month options available. 

Please check your EMAIL for a confirmation with Zoom link from me. Please arrive on time, with any questions you have prepared. I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!