Quantum Healing

with Amanda Quick

What is a Quantum Healing Session?


A Quantum Healing Session with Amanda is always a completely unique experience. 

When i connect to your energy field your body speaks to me. It may show me where pain, emotion, or stories are being held. It may show me where and how we need to bring a new consciousness or perspective to what is happening in your experience. 

Every human holds an individual set of programming. It's my goal to help you to release all of the outdated systems that are holding you back, so you can access and become more of who you truly are. 

We will work with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to facilitate the healing you soul is calling for. 

 Ready? I'm so excited to work with you!

"If you are looking for a brilliant practitioner, search no more. Amanda has the ability to find and track deep emotions very quickly to their point of origin. She was able to help me understand the root cause of a lot of feelings and emotions that I couldn't track myself and remove any cords and contracts that may have been attached. Amanda listens very closely to the problems you are having and not only finds very quick solutions, but provides easy step by step directions to help you shift and release even the hardest to remove ailments with grace and ease."



So many people go through life believing that their currently reality is all that is possible. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten who they are and what they are truly capable of. My goal is to inspire your body and soul to create a new reality, one that is based on choice and awareness.

"I just had my first session with Amanda and it was mind blowing. I couldn't believe all the stuff I was carrying around that she was able to help me release. Her intuition was dead on, to the point that she would say something exactly as it was about to come out of my mouth. I left the session on a serious high. I highly recommend her!"