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The ART of Storytelling

Get on the waitlist! We all have a story to tell. It's time for you to tell yours!


PurchasableĀ Programs

Energy Type Framework

Learn about your Energy Type, and how to work with your energy body arrangement.


Gravity Goddess

20 week program where you will learn how to Bend Time to the Gravity of your Desires.


The Quantum Leap

3 day masterclass to learn how to create and adjust any aspect of your timeline!


Body Challenge

21 day Reconnect to your Body Challenge. Your senses turn ON when you are IN your body.


FREE Masterclasses 

NOT a Business Masterclass

For everyone who's been trying to figure out what their "thing" in life and business really is.

The Evolution of Receiveing 

What if instead of being vs doing, there was another way to receive your desires?

IMPACT Masterclass

You KNOW you're here to do big things! It's time for you to BE the change you wish you see. 

Quantum Connection

3 day series to help you find safety in your money - body - love connections.

Hi, I'm Amanda 

After my spiritual awakening, I became fascinated with all things metaphysical and quantum healing. I jumped into learning everything I could to help me understand what more was out there and why we experience the hardships we do.

Today, I'm a Author, Speaker, Quantum Energy Healer and Coach, and I am delighted to be sharing what I have learned about finding safety, connection and abundance, in our minds, bodies, and spirit, so that we can expand and leap into the abundant life that we were born to create.