The basis of every timeline is rooted in Safety, Security, Connection & Support. 



 Understand the harmonics of a timeline as we shift and change our reality.



 Nothing changes until we act consistently from the new energy. 

Everything we experience in this reality exists as a thread of our personal timeline. Connected into the web of society, we have the ability to shift and change ANY and ALL aspects.


From wealth to health to love to location - we can change anything and everything if we truly desire!


Join me in this 3 day series, and learn how you too can create, and adjust any aspect of your timeline! 

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"Just have to say thank you so much for this workshop. I am already feeling the shifts and feel soooo safe in my body. This is something I’ve been working on for a while and wow, I feel like I received some missing pieces today.  

Also the things that I want are becoming clearer throughout the day!!

Thank you for this!"

"The shifting has been RAPID. I was doing things I would have never felt comfortable doing before."

Hi, I'm Amanda Quick. 

After my spiritual awakening, I became fascinated with all things metaphysical and quantum healing. I jumped into learning everything I could to help me understand what more was out there and why we experience the hardships we do.

Today, I'm a Quantum Energy Healer and Coach, and I am delighted to be sharing what I have learned about finding safety and trust in our minds, bodies, and spirit, so that we can expand and leap into the abundant life that we were born to create.