Reconnect to YOUR Body CHALLENGE

The act of meditating is about a lot more than centering and connecting. 
If you are someone who gets stuck on the hamster wheel in your own head - this challenge is FOR YOU!
Actively remember HOW to reconnect and stay IN your body. 
Turn ON your senses and truly come alive!

21 Days of meditations, journal prompts, activities, and more! 

"I can now sit with myself, block out the world enough to do these meditations! Meditation has been a serious challenge for me because I couldn’t shut my mind off enough to do it ! Going through these, your tones and keys have made all the difference in the world for me !!!
Thank you VERY much for this challenge!!"
"I very much enjoyed the variety of challenges. Absolute favorite was the guided meditation in the beginning. I'm gonna do them all again for sure!"